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Leyhausen Research Africa

Market Research

We produce an insightful research to enable our clients make reasonable decisions. Our approaches and experience is built on a solid foundation of fact-based information and insight that our team is continually building by connecting with the consumers, leaders and influencers’ of the market.


We employ a wide range of research methodologies and work with competent partners in our branches globally

actionable insights

We provide actionable insights and definite answers to your questions based on tailored research solutions


We are market research specialists with vast expertise in industries and target groups.

committed partnership

We are committed to partnership with our clients based on transparency, clarity & teamwork.


We understand client needs based on years of experience

We are constantly producing insightful researches that enable our clients to make reasonable key strategic decisions.

Our Services

What we do

Field Service

We are in a position to organise and implement national and international field studies of any size at any time.

Business to business

With the most varied of methods, we collect economically relevant and scientifically representative data.

Online Services

The internet is quickly evolving into an instrument for collecting data in the market and social research.

CATI Services

But if you’ve downloaded music from those apps, you’ll begin to eat up storage rather quickly.

Studio Services

Our adequately equipped test studios in Lagos and other major cities in Africa provide you with full studio tests

Mystery Shopping

Experienced and well-trained shoppers pose as actual customers/prospective clients to transact normal business


Some of our clients

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