CATI Services

Telephone interviewing is considered the most efficient method of data collection as it enables you to reach your target group precisely and directly: In the B2C area, in the B2B area with decision-makers from all sectors and management areas and with mystery calls or when recruiting (e.g.. for group discussions, car clinics and CAPI studies).

Leyhausen Research Africa carries out both national and international studies with native speakers in more than 30 countries in Africa. Our extensive call centre network has over 150 CATI stations at its command, consisting of those located in our own branches and those of our partner associates. Our partner companies play an important role in those African countries in which Leyhausen Research Africa is not yet located, or respectively for studies that require languages that cannot be covered by our own network. All partner companies work on a uniform platform conforming with our quality standards.

The data is stored centrally on our server in Leverkusen and enables real-time management of your study.

Field Instruments in Nigeria

  • 80 Laptops for data capturing
  • 40 Tablets
  • 85 PDAs
  • Computer -aided research methods
  • Import of audio files (WAV, MP3)
  • Import of video sequences
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