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In our centrally located and adequately equipped test studios in Lagos and other major cities in Africa, we provide you with a full service in respect of studio tests: From recruiting, implementation of interviews right up to customers liason, our experienced and competent studio managers work in accordance with your expectations and desires.

Flexibility is our trademark. You are supported by trained, motivated and competent interviewers. Furthermore, psychologically trained moderators guarantee a methodically correct and exacting implementation of your group discussions and in-depth interviews.

The central location of our test studios with direct city centre locations ensures a broad spectrum of target groups can be reached.

We offer one-to-one survey rooms and group discussion rooms which are equipped according to your desired requirements. Separate monitoring rooms with one-way mirrors, audio and video technology and simultaneous technology are standard in our test studios.

Field Instruments in Nigeria

  • 80 Laptops for data capturing
  • 40 Tablets
  • 85 PDAs
  • Computer -aided research methods
  • Import of audio files (WAV, MP3)
  • Import of video sequences
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