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We ensure result-oriented data gathering through scientific but practical, realistic and sensible methodologies

Our Distinguishing Capabilities

  • Delivery of cost-effective leading-edge insights to decision-makers in businesses and social services.
  • We drive innovation through the application of sample survey, robust designs etc.
  • We have a team of well trained Research Professionals whose experience cut- across several products/services.
  • We add value to our projects through our problem-solving skills.
  • Quick turn-around time. We deliver in full and on time.
  • Continuous pricing intelligence to ensure that this unmatched position is maintained.

Our area of expertise

  1. Usage and Attitude Studies
  2. Market Segmentation Studies
  3. Product Research
  4. Concept testing/Volumetrics
  5. Branding Research
  6. Mystery Shopping
  7. New Product & Product Development Studies
  8. Customers Satisfaction Study
  9. Name and logo testing, Label and packaging test, Product acceptability test
  10. Advertising/Media Audience Measurement Studies
  11. Business-to-Business Research
  12. Pricing Research- Brand Price Trade-off (BPTO), Price Sensitivity Study
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