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Leyhausen Research Africa is in a position to organise and implement national and international field studies of any size at any time.
From our own premises in Nigeria and with our own interviewers in many African countries, we organise, coordinate and manage our national and international fieldwork to collect data for you on the behaviour of people in the market place, in the consumer field and on a social level.

Through the use of multimedia laptops, we cannot only carry out paper & pencil surveys but also fields and CAPI interviews. We have 80 laptops, 40 tablets and 85 PDAs and a large pool of trained and experienced interviewers in all geo-political zones who are equipped with their own computers, enabling the realisation of a large number of cases.

CAPI data collection is carried out using modern multimedia laptops which are capable of recording audio files (music, advertisements amongst others) and video sequences. We use the proven software ingress, amongst others, for all computer-aided surveys.

Field Force

The field force of Leyhausen Research Africa has a protocol. We give adequate and continuous training to all the field workers. We also have standard field quality control measures.

Leyhausen Research Africa implements all its projects in accordance with ESOMAR/ICC code of practice.

We have field offices in more than 30 countries in Africa and our field force comprises of interviewers, supervisors and quality control managers in each country.

In Nigeria alone, we have over

  • 3000 Experienced Interviewers Nationwide.
  • 400 Trained And Experienced Supervisors Nationwide.
  • 6 Field Coordinators.
  • 4 Administrative Officers.
  • 60 Quality Control Managers And Back Checkers.
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